Updated 18 Nov 2022

The island of Antigua sits in an unusual location with its amazing trade winds creating year round ideal weather and its seemingly endless beaches. Locals will tell you that there are 365 beaches…meaning one for every day of the year. That may be a good reason to plan repeat visits to the island, but if you have recently booked a luxury villa, it is likely that you will want to hit several during your visit. While the one closest to your villa may be one of the best, we suggest these “locally recommended” spots as well.

Remember that all of the beaches are open to the public, and the only challenge is to find the one that best suits your needs or preferences.

For instance, you have opted to book a stay on the island because you are a fan of water sports. Antigua is a primary destination for many of the world’s top sailors, but also many of the world’s best wind and kite surfers too. This is why you may want to pay a visit to Half Moon Bay.

According to some, it offers five- to six-foot waves on its best days, and is close to Free Town on the far eastern tip of the island. Ideal for body surfing, windsurfing and safe swimming, it is also picture postcard perfect, so bring the camera. It is also close to the famous “Harry’s Bar” and provides you with a picturesque walk along the shore.

Meet the Locals

If you are looking for the “everyman’s beach” of Antigua, or the one where you can hope to spot the famous sailors, a few odd celebrities or the most authentic local islanders, then it has to be the beach at Pigeon Point. Just across the bay from Falmouth Harbour and close to Windward Bay Beach, it sits at the south of the island and is home to Catherine’s Café Plage, a French restaurant that is a rare find in such a quiet spot. There is also Bumpkins, a beach shack serving unusual West Indies dishes and drinks.

Quiet, Calm and Ideal for All

If you want a picturesque stretch of undeveloped waterfront, Deep Bay is tough to beat. Set along the western coast of the island, it is a long curve of white sand with superior swimming and snorkeling. There are some nice hikes in the area and many people say that a sunset here is as spectacular as it gets. It has a fantastic secret for those willing to look – a 100-year-old shipwreck sits in the center of the bay and is a perfect spot for even the beginner snorkeler. There is also a snack bar at one end offering local treats.

Kite Surfer Paradise

Whether you want to learn, watch or actually get out there and kite surf, there is one rock-solid choice – Jabberwock Beach. Set along the northeastern coast of the island, it is actually a very quiet spot and even good for swimming. There are restaurants nearby but not on the beach itself and if you are someone interested in a bit of island history, you are just a few miles from the Old Sugar Mill, worthy of the quick trip.

Iconic View

If you want a truly flawless beach, one of those “it cannot be real” types is found at Jolly Beach. Along the western coast, it offers a full mile of sugary white sands and is framed by iconic swaying palms. The turquoise, jade and teal blue waters contrast beautifully with the golden grasses of the headland, and that is why there are more and more travelers making their way here. It is not quite a crowded hotspot yet, though and you will enjoy a drink at the beachside bar and might even want to rent a kayak to enjoy a paddle.

That’s five days of beaches done…now you have only 360 more to discover for yourself!

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