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How to rent a Moke on St Barts?
How to rent a Moke on St Barts?

Maurice Car Rental and Barthloc offer mini-Moke rentals

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St Barts travelers that are looking for that rental car option with personality may want to consider the Moke. An open format mini-jeep vehicle that is great for heading to the beach.

Guests can rent a Moke from Barthloc or Cool Rentals.

The most common rented vehicles on St Barts by our clients are traditionally the Mini Cooper convertible or a smaller SUV such as the Grand Vitara or the Daihatsu Terios. We recommend cars with higher ground clearance, 4 wheel drive and narrow width.  St Barts is a hilly island with some steep grades. The roads can be narrow at times as well when passing another car. So it's better to stay small, high and fully powered when selecting your St Barts rental car.

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