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How to Get To St Barts | St Barths?
How to Get To St Barts | St Barths?

St Barts can be reached by ferry from St Martin or by plane from St Martin, San Juan and Antigua

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Travelers can reach St Barts airport (IATA:SBH) through several various air routes. Located in St Jean, the airport accommodates smaller propeller planes up to a maximum capacity of 20 passengers.  The slanted airstrip is technically challenging and only a few pilots are certified to land at the airstrip.

St Barts can be directly accessed from St Martin/Maarten, San Juan and Antigua, although St Maarten is the most popular and convenient option for most travelers.

For US and Canadian Travelers Heading to St Barts

The most economical and convenient access pathway for US and Canadian Travelers is to fly into neighboring St Maarten (IATA: SXM)  and then take a short 12 minute flight to St Barts using either Winair, St Barth Commuter or private charter. The flights occur frequently, usually every 30 minutes. This is the fastest and easiest approach to St Barts. However, travelers should note that no flights can arrive on St Barts after sunset. The airport closes at dusk.  For late arriving guests, St Barts Blue highly recommends arranging a ferry transfer. Our concierge team at St Barts Blue can easily arrange for a transfer from St Maarten airport to the appropriate ferry terminal.
St Maarten's airport is serviced by the following major airlines:

American Airlines
Jet Blue
United Airlines
Air France

An alternative recommended option for US and Canadian travelers is to fly into St Barth from San Juan, Puerto Rico (airport code: SJU). Tradewind Aviation
 offers service 3 times a day during October 15th until May 15th. Private charters are available as well.

For Travelers Heading to St Barts From France

For travelers from France, our suggested route will be to fly from Paris to St Maarten (SXM) and to use Winair or St Barths Commuter to transfer to St Barths.

For Travelers Heading to St Barts From the United Kingdom

For travelers from  the United Kingdom, we recommend flying British Airways or Virgin Atlantic to Antigua (airport code ANU) and then using a shuttle service from Antigua to St Barths. St Barth Commuter recently launched a new service from Antigua to St Barths from December 1st until April 30th on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Additionally, Tradewind Aviation has a daily flight leaving Antigua around 3 to 4 PM daily between the dates of October 15th until May 15th.

Private St Barts Flight Charters

St Barts Blue can arrange private charters on Tradewind Aviation from San Juan, Puerto Rico or from the New York metropolitan area to St Barths. For rates and details please contact us by email at [email protected]  or [email protected], by toll free phone at 1.877.323.5719.


Reaching St Barts by ferry is a common option for St Barts travelers. High-speed ferries from St Martin to St Barts take about 1 hour to and from St Barts and St Martin. Ferries run daily from Marigot.  Our concierge team  will be delighted to book tickets and arrange transfers from St Maarten airport to your desired ferry terminal.

For further information regarding ticketing and ferry schedules please visit:

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