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Barbados Airport Transfers/ Fast Track
Barbados Airport Transfers/ Fast Track

Setting Up Airport Transfers from Barbados Airport (BGI) to your Barbados Villa. Consider Fast Track

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Updated 20 July 2023

We encourage our Barbados guests to consider setting up transfers from the airport to the villa to avoid waiting in line at the rental car kiosk and then attempting to navigate to their villa. It is important to note that left sided driving is the norm and steering wheels will be located on the right hand side. For US and Canadian visitors, this configuration can be slightly disorienting at first especially after a long flight.

More importantly, we recommend Fast Track which is a VIP service that expediates your traveling party through customs and immigration. Unfortunately, plane arrivals to the island is apparently consolidated into one afternoon time period and tends to overwhelm the customs and immigration desks causing significant wait times in processing. Fast Track bypasses the nuisance wait and expedites the immigration process.  Fast Track includes the following services:

  • Guests are met before immigration

  • Escorts through immigration and customs

  • Escort to your awaiting transportation

  • Chilled water bottle service - additional cost

Our concierge will be delighted to set up transfers and Fast Track for you. They will also be able to arrange the rental car to be delivered to your villa.
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