The Sargassum Seaweed problem is affecting a number of Caribbean destinations in the region but is very prescriptive in the Windward and Leeward Islands of the Caribbean.  While some beaches are affected, others do not have any problem at all and this is all down to the shifting tides, ocean currents and essentially, the weather patterns.

This specific species of seaweed has been present since the days of Columbus and originate in the Sargasso Sea, a vast ocean area in the Atlantic larger than the size of Australia. The seaweed that provides a very beneficial habitat for fish and sea life has bloomed in excessive proportions. The reasons are unknown but speculation is that global warming with warmer water temperatures and pollution (that act as a fertilizer) has contributed to the massive blooms.

The epidemic has lessened in recent years but still can be present during the summer months with increased water temperatures.  The algae is beneficial to nature but produce a foul-smelling annoyance when it decomposes on the beach.  Most destinations have active management programs and clean the beaches regularly.  Meaning that the issue tends to be better managed and controlled that in the recent past. We expect that travelers will have minimal disturbance going forward.

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