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Villas with Multiple Bedroom Rates
Villas with Multiple Bedroom Rates

Selecting a larger villa with a tiered rate system allows for the rental of a larger villa for smaller parties at affordable costs

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As you may notice upon your searches, certain villas will offer multiple / tiered room rates. This means that for instance, a 4 bedroom villa may also offer a 2 bedroom rate, and a 3 bedroom rate as well as a 4 bedroom rate.  

This is of great advantage to clients as they have the benefit of using a larger villa but only paying for the number of bedrooms they need.  The unused bedrooms will simply be closed off for their stay (so reducing the owner’s expenses) - no one else will use them during the stay.  The villa is all yours, as is the pool and the villa grounds.  Just yours for a glorious vacation under the tropical sun.

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