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Laundry Facilities at Your Vacation Home
Laundry Facilities at Your Vacation Home

Restricted access to laundry facilities tends to be the standard

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All of our villas come with a washing machine, and most of them also have a dryer. However, these appliances are intended for the housekeeper to use for the household laundry, with a few exceptions. For instance, the villas located in St. Barts generally don't have accessible washers or dryers.

In general, access to these appliances is restricted due to liability concerns and insurance policies. Misuse of the washing machine and dryer can lead to flooding and other liabilities, which is why access is restricted for the mutual benefit of our guests and villa owners.

We do understand that having access to laundry facilities while on vacation is important, and that it helps to limit the amount of packing required. Therefore, our housekeepers are usually willing to help you with your laundry needs for a small additional fee that can be arranged when you are at the villa. Alternatively, you can request access to the washer and dryer during your orientation. We also suggest that you contact your concierge to inquire about whether access to the washer or dryer can be granted.

Lastly, some of our villas in Barbados and Jamaica may include a laundress. Please check the staff disclosures of your villa to see if a laundress is included.

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