Each of our villas has a washing machine and most have a dryer too.  These are for the household laundry and used solely by the housekeeper with a few exceptions. For instance, the villas on St Barts typically do not have an accessible washer or dryer.

In general, access to washers and dryers is typically restricted from guest use due the liability and insurance policies of the villa.  Improper use can cause flooding and a host of other liabilities. Access is restricted for the mutual benefit of guests and villa owner.

With that being said, we understand having access to laundry while on vacation is a crucial benefit to limit packing.  Housekeepers are usually receptive to assisting with your laundry needs for a nominal additional fee that can be negotiated when you are at the villa.  Additionally, we recommend to contact your concierge to determine whether access to washer or dryer can be granted.

Lastly, select villas in Barbados and Jamaica may include a laundress. Check the staff disclosures of your villa that will indicate whether a laundress is included.

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