Child Friendly Villas

How to Ensure Your Villa Is Appropriate For Children

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Properties in colder climates are designed so that all parts of the house can be reached from the interior of the house so avoiding the need to venture out into the cold during the winter months.  

However, villas in tropical settings typically have exterior access only bedrooms.  Due to the lovely warm tropical climate in the Caribbean, villas are designed with the view and pool as the focal point.   This can mean that there is a main house with perhaps a master bedroom and then the other bedrooms are located around the pool area or in the grounds.  They usually have exterior access and so are less child friendly.  So with this in mind, if you have young children, asking for a villa that has bedrooms with interior access could work out better for your family logistics.

Secondly, any villa or vacation home with a pool is not necessarily child friendly due to the universal risk of pools. However, every child loves a pool. Parents need to be exceptionally vigilant of children at all times.  Additionally, select villas (especially in French territories) will have pool alarms. Upon orientation guests will be instructed on proper use.

Helpful Hint:  Isle Blue recommends purchasing and bringing pool safety devices such as the Safety Turtle that children can wear as a wrist band that will set off an alarm when wet.

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