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Do I share my villa if I do not rent all the bedrooms?
Do I share my villa if I do not rent all the bedrooms?

Our Vacation Rentals Are Exclusively Yours

Updated over a week ago

It's a common inquiry when a villa rental offers varying rates for renting different numbers of bedrooms, such as when a 5-bedroom villa has a weekly 3-bedroom rate: "Will I have to share the villa with others?"

The response is always negative. You will have exclusive access to the villa during your stay, and there will be no other guests sharing the property with you.

If you opt for renting 3 out of the 5 bedrooms, you will still have the entire villa to yourself except for the two bedrooms and their en-suite bathrooms that are in use. Typically, guests can choose which bedrooms they want upon arrival, unless the property specifies that a master suite is not available at the lower rate. Please avoid using the unrented bedrooms, even if they are unlocked. If you do use them, the managers may impose extra charges and upgrade the rental rate to include the used bedrooms.

Bear in mind that some properties may have an on-site caretaker who resides in a separate and secluded apartment or cottage that is not visible.

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