A frequently asked question when a villa rental offers tiered bedroom rental rates (ex. a 5 bedroom villa has a weekly 3 bedroom rate) is "Do I need to share the villa with another party?"  

The answer is always NO. The villas are exclusively yours during your stay. You will not be sharing the home with other guest booking.

If you rent 3 bedrooms in a 5 bedroom villa, the villa will be exclusively yours except that 2 of the bedrooms and their ensuite bathrooms is used. Traditionally, our guests have the choice of bedrooms upon arrival (unless specified by the property that a master suite is not available at the lower tiered rate).  Please do not use the unrented bedrooms even if they are not locked. If used, the managers may apply additional charges and upgrade the rental rate to the bedrooms used.

Please also keep in mind that some properties do have a caretaker on site that may live in a separate and secluded apartment or cottage that is out of sight.  

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