How to get to Courchevel

Closest international airports and best access to the Ski resort

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The French Alpine ski resort of Courchevel is located at the end of a long curvaceous mountain road from Moûtiers. The road climbs up through the lower villages, snaking its way up the v-shaped valley. Courchevel can be reached by car, bus or coach from Moûtiers.

If traveling from an international destination, guests should travel to Geneva airport. Courchevel is roughly 2 hours and 15 minutes away. For further options, please see below.

By plane

International to Paris CDG  with flight connections to either Lyon or Geneva.
Low budget carriers fly into Chambery or Grenoble.
International to Geneva. This is the closest international airport.

By Train

to Moutiers from Paris CDG on a TGV (4 hrs)
to Moutiers from London or other Eurostar destinations via Paris

By Bus

to Courchevel from Moutiers (45 mins)
to Courchevel from Chambery (2 hrs)
to Courchevel from Lyons (3 hrs)
to Courchevel from Geneva (3h30mins.)

By road

from Moutiers (25 km / 30 mins.)
from Chambery (100km / 1h20)
from Geneva (185km / 2h15)
from Lyons (200km / 2h20 mins.)
from Paris (670km / 6h15)


Transfers by bus, taxi, plane or helicopter (small airport on Courchevel) are possible.

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