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Barbados Chef / Cook Service
Barbados Chef / Cook Service

A Chef or a Cook can be hired for your Barbados vacation

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Updated 1 June 2023

Barbados Cook / Chef Service
Introducing Barbados Chef Service - Your culinary needs taken care of while staying at our properties in Barbados.

Enjoy the luxury of having your meals prepared and served by a professional cook or chef. Our cook service is perfect for those seeking locally inspired menus with a family-style feel. On the other hand, our chef service offers international menus with a touch of culinary expertise.

Depending on your villa selection, we offer a range of meal options to suit your preferences - from breakfast to three meals a day. And, for those properties without a chef service, fret not, as our concierge will be happy to arrange a cook or chef for you.

Please note that each rental property has its own contracted cook/chef, hence rates may vary according to the number of guests and property selected. The cost of food and beverage is not included in the prices mentioned below. Additionally, gratuities are not included.

Cook Service: US $125 per day, for three meals

Chef Service: US $185 per day, for three meals

Indulge in a culinary experience like no other with Barbados Chef Service - your ultimate dining solution.

The cost of food and beverage ingredients is not included. Staff gratuities are not included.

Contact your concierge at Isle Blue for further details.

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