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What to Do on Barbados
What to Do on Barbados

Visit Animal Flower Cave, Play Cricket, Enjoy Bajan Rum

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Updated 10 June 2023

You booked your Isle Blue villa for a stay in Barbados, and you chose a location that is close to, if not directly on, the waterfront. The beaches are one of the biggest reasons to visit this lovely, hospitable, and charming island. The delights of Dover and Bathsheba Beach must be enjoyed and Carlisle Bay is a great place to visit, but what else should you do while on the island?

We are happy to help our guests make many different plans, and even help book tickets too. For those visiting Barbados, it is important to spend at least one day taking in the sites of Barbados that are not sandy and full of seawater, and we suggest the following remarkable destinations:

Animal Flower Cave

Strange in name and otherworldly in its beauty, this is a much lesser known destination than Harrison’s Cave (see below). It gets its name from the many sea anemones that make their homes here, and it is tucked beneath North Point’s cliffs in the St. Lucy parish area. There are some stairs to negotiate as well as a slender cavern opening, but once inside you will be in awe at the sight.

The Boardwalk

Connecting two popular beaches, using it is one of the surest ways to spot turtles floating gently along the waves. Clean and appealing, it is only one mile in length and leads travelers to some of the best bars and high-end restaurants. If you want to stroll the beach before or after dinner, but not get sand in your shoes, this is the place to visit.


Though you may not ever figure out the rules, or just how to play the game, there is nothing like sitting on the grass and watching the experts play. Bridgetown is home to the Kensington Oval, and this is the best spot to pack a picnic and enjoy the game.

A popular destination, it is worthy of its reputation. It is an impressive cave that is full of stalagmites and stalactites, and is only five miles from Bathsheba Beach. It features a tram tour and incredibly knowledgeable guides that can explain many fascinating details about the island and the cavern.

Picturesque and charming are not adequate to describe the experience enjoyed here. The product of a horticulturist’s enthusiasm, these gardens are full of birds, monkeys, hummingbirds, and even the owner’s dog makes an appearance from time to time. Guests are encouraged to picnic in this lovely gully garden, and the horticulturist himself is often on duty to take questions and provide enthusiastic answers.

A visit to the Caribbean would not be complete without at least one rum tasting experience. There are still commercial producers on the island of Barbados, and the Mount Gay Visitor Center is but one offering tours and tastings. We suggest taking what is known as the lunch tour, as it is more immersive and includes an interesting dining experience. There is also a special cocktail tour that may be a great, adults-only adventure. Another impressive rum experience can be enjoyed at St. Nicholas Abbey. Making small batches, it is housed in a 300-plus year old plantation home, with a museum, orchards and gardens. A two-hour tour is followed up with samples and many praise this as one of the best experiences on the island.

There is much more to see and do than hitting the beaches of Barbados, and these are but a few recommendations. If you would like help arranging for tickets for a tour or transportation to one of the sites, get in touch with your Isle Blue concierge, who is happy to help you in any way possible.

Coffee and Rum Tasting In Barbados - Sea Breeze Beach House

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