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Kitesurfing in Barbados

Where to Kitesurf on Barbados

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Updated 10 June 2023

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If you ask the actual designers of the “wings” that took windsurfing and turned it into kitesurfing, they tell you something interesting. What is that? That you need “special circumstances…to make kitesurfing safe and enjoyable” and that one of the most ideal areas for it is Barbados. According to one article penned by a designer and expert in kitesurfing: “this might be one of the most ideal kitesurfing beaches in the world…beaches with slightly onshore winds and all the requirements for the ideal kitesurfing spot”.

With wind probably one of the highest in the entire Caribbean region, it is at the best from December through July. Most of the riders in Barbados will use wave boards and you can find outfitters or contact an Isle Blue concierge to help you locate everything from lessons to gear.

Of course, like any island destination, Barbados is not surrounded by identical beaches and conditions. There are specific locations that qualify as the “perfect” kitesurfing spots, and even the differences in the seasons can alter conditions too. However, the top spots in Barbados for kitesurfing include those close to Inchcape, Silver Rocks, Silver Sands, Long Beach, Worthing Beach (noted for the flattest water) and the beaches upwind of Oistins Bay and the Maxwell coastal areas. The beaches with the best winds tend to also be in areas with stronger currents, so you rarely encounter a lot of swimmers.

Expert to Novice

However, before beginning your kitesurfing activities, remember that conditions must be a good match to your level of skill and experience. The flatter waters inside any reefs are ideal for the novices and it is only the experts who should test the waves that are seen to break outside of the shelter of the reefs. Also remaining upwind of the hottest windsurfing spots is a good idea too as kitesurfing can actually accelerate you and send you into the midst of the windsurfers.

Kitesurfing Services

If we are to pinpoint “the” kitesurfing spot in Barbados, it has to Silver Rocks. This is where we direct guests to the top kitesurfing schools and where you can observe the real experts at work before heading out to give it a try yourself. It is also a beach that has plenty of guest services and premium amenities.

For instance, the Beach Bar is the perfect place to sip a cool beer and enjoy a meal while watching all of the action out on the water.

If you are shy of having experts watch you learn how to kitesurf, Long Beach is a better choice. Far less crowded, you may find yourself as one of the only kitesurfers out on the waves. Enter from the middle of the beach and bring a buddy as it can be extremely quiet here, even when conditions are prime.

Worthing Beach is another good one, but it does not have the big waves. In fact, it has some of the flattest water. It can be busy, but mostly with visitors enjoying the resorts at one end of the beach. Here you find a flat bay and consistent wind, there are some amenities at the resort end of the beach too, and this can be a nice way to relax and enjoy a meal after a day on the water.

There are several excellent kitesurfing schools in Barbados, including deAction in Silver Rocks, Endless Kiteboarding and LinUp Kite and Surf School near Silver Rocks. If you don’t need lessons and just want to borrow gear, there are many kite shops on the beaches. Naturally, as a guest of Isle Blue, you can get in touch with your concierge and ask for help or recommendations about a day or two of kitesurfing in Barbados.

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