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Things to Do on Anguilla
Things to Do on Anguilla

Must Visit Spots on Anguilla. What to do on Anguilla

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Though the Caribbean island of Anguilla has only recently made it on to the world’s radar as a wonderful destination, it has long had many must see destinations that include its beaches and surrounding islands. At Isle Blue, we make many luxury villas available for savvy travelers to this island, and offer support in planning the ultimate escape. Whether you need to discuss transportation or access to certain sites, your concierge is happy to help you whenever possible. As you make your plans, consider these must see spots in the area:

Sandy Island

It will take a charter boat, but if you plan on heading out to get a taste of the snorkeling that is such a big part of the island’s reputation, make sure it is here. Aquamarine waters so clear and blue it seems impossible are just one part of this island’s appeal. It is tiny spot, and yet it has a restaurant that most visitors proclaim as one of the best in the region. It also offers waterfront hammocks along the beaches!

History of Anguilla

The island is full of history and historic sites. East End Village is home to the Heritage Collection, a fascinating spot with contemporary as well as ancient history displays. Kids will love the items relating to pirates, and everyone appreciates the gift shop. There are many churches from the 1600s on the island too, and they are worth a stop.

Scilly Cay

Realistically, the “must see” here is the bottom of your glass as this is home to one of the most famous and popular rum punches on the island.

Hike to Little Bay

Though it is described as an iconic beach and one of the smallest, Little Bay requires you to use a rope ladder or arrange your arrival by boat – either way, it is an adventure just reaching this spot, and well worth it for the peace and quiet, privacy, and beauty of the spot.

Sandy Ground on Thursday night

As oddly specific as this sounds for a must see in Anguilla, you won’t regret making the effort. It is in the village of Sandy Ground that every Thursday night finds local bands performing at a local hotspot. You can enjoy fantastic drinks, socializing and fun.


You may not think of Anguilla as a shopper’s paradise, but it is if you would prefer locally made souvenirs. There are excellent places all over the island, but some of the best include Irie Life for hip t-shirts, Limin’ Boutique for jewelry, Petals in Frangipani Beach Resort for fashionable jewelry, and so much more. As one of the most unique islands, shopping among local artisans is one of the best choices.

Papa Lash

One of the most popular food trucks in Anguilla is found in the capital city of The Valley. Here, you should ask around for the current location of Papa Lash and get yourself one of the most unique creations on the island – a pizza patty. A decade-long tradition, it is considered pure Anguilla cuisine!

While the beaches of Anguilla and the waters are the most obvious “must see” destinations and attractions, consider these alternatives. They introduce you to the unique island culture and ensure that you get a real experience of Anguilla. Your lovely and private villa will be your favorite place to relax, unwind and rejuvenate, but don’t forget that this Caribbean destination has so much to offer that is low-key, relaxed, and fun. Consider arranging for some of these experiences during your stay.

Where to Stay

Isle Blue features 40 of the best villas on Anguilla. From the new and upscale but well priced Solaire waterfront property that starts at $500 per night to the grand Cerulean villa with starting nightly prices of $28,500+, Isle Blue has a unique offering that ensures guests will enjoy the very best of Anguilla in style and standard.

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