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Child Friendly Activities and Excursions on Barbados

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Updated 10 June 2023

Parents thinking of tropical escapes always turn their thoughts to resorts because they fear this is the only solution that offers both adult and kid-friendly activities and options. This is not actually the truth, and guests of Isle Blue can enjoy some of the finest, exclusive villas with plenty of amenities, but we also encourage travellers to explore the many amazing kid-friendly attractions, activities and sites in the surrounding areas too. Consider Barbados, long thought of as an idyllic Caribbean escape, it is also among the kid-friendliest places too.

Your concierge team can help you book different activities, and we offer the following suggestions for your stay on Barbados:

Under the sea

Your kids may never want to leave the water if you book time at the Folkstone Marine Park. Kids can learn how to snorkel in the amazing artificial reef that is entirely protected, and get face to face with sea anemones, sea lilies, coral and the occasional turtle.

Under the ground

If your days of fun in the sun have left you in need of a cooler and darker setting, the kids will love Harrison’s Cave. Long described as a natural wonder of Barbados, it is full of stalactites and stalagmites, cooling streams, waterfalls and pools that will leave everyone in awe. A handy tram allows you to make the visit as long or short as you like.

In the jungle

The Barbados Wildlife Reserve is a rare and exciting spot for kids of all ages. Paved with clear paths, it is full of gorgeous mahogany trees that contain an unprecedented number of native species roaming freely. Kids (and adults) will thrill at the sight of wild parrots, deer, peacocks, mara, tortoises, and the occasional green monkey, a shy but sweet-natured species transplanted in the 1600s from West Africa.

On the waves

Water sports are in abundance, but kids of any age (meaning adults too) will love to play pirate for a day aboard the fun and exciting Jolly Roger I. This is a “pirate” cruise that includes all of the features of a standard pirate ship, including planks, rope swings, sails, and even a lunchtime BBQ aboard the ship. The boat stops for swimming and kids can even feed wild turtles. Day and evening sailings are available.

In the mud

There are several off-road adventures, including safaris using four-wheel drive vehicles. These tours can take you to the lesser known areas of the island for hiking in rainforests, visiting high cliffs, and seeing unusual blow holes. Ask your concierge team about Jeep or off-road safaris.

In the caves

In the northern area of Barbados is a spot known as Animal Flower Cave. Here, visitors can encounter sea anemones by the hundreds. The cave is actually full of tidal pools, and you can follow the stone steps (at low tide) to the entrance, and see a coral floor that is believed to be more than one thousand years old and offering an unforgettable experience. There is also a restaurant nearby!

On the pitch

Do your kids know about cricket? Do you? This iconic British game is played professionally in Barbados and if you take your family to baseball games at home, then why not head to the Kensington Oval for a truly professional level cricket match?

In the sands

A trip to Barbados is not complete without a beachfront picnic. You can make believe that you are alone on the island when you head to Bathsheba Park. Go seashell hunting, clime the cliff to the century-old tower, dine at the restaurant nearby and enjoy peace and quiet unlike any you’ll encounter elsewhere.

Your kids will fall in love with Barbados and we’re here to help answer any questions or make bookings for some of these adventures.

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