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Barbados Is a Top Kitesurfing Destination
Barbados Is a Top Kitesurfing Destination

Regardless of your kiteboarding style, Barbados offers conditions for all; from freestyle, freeriding and wave riding.

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There are places where water sports, like kitesurfing, are popular. Naturally, such locations have to have good waters and conditions where those sports are possible. However, there are also destination water sports, meaning that the locations are so amazing and superior that they become key locations for optimal experiences. Such is the case with kitesurfing in Barbados.

As one of the Isle Blue premium destinations, travelers choose from a wide range of carefully curated villas. Each offers a long list of onsite amenities, but also provide direct access to the best towns, beaches and destinations. If you have booked a holiday in a Barbados villa and want to enjoy one of the finest experiences possible, you will want to consider booking time with a kitesurfing instructor or arranging to rent some equipment. We are happy to help in any way possible, and you need only contact your concierge to get help.

Barbados Kitesurfing

“As the furthest east Caribbean kitesurfing island, its known as one of the windiest and consistent areas of the Caribbean.” Not only that, but it has winds that run from December through June, and is also a good surfing location from November to March!

Naturally, you will need to know the best locations for kitesurfing, and we recommend the following:

South coast

The south coast of Barbados is the best for those who want it all. There is Silver Rock beach, the primary location for optimal kite surfing. In the waters offshore you can see an old ship wreck poking from above the waves, and the skies will usually be filled with kites. South Point is another place to try the conditions, as well as Freights Bay, Accra and Brandon’s Point.

Long Beach

This is upwind of Silver Rock Beach, and is a much less crowded area. It is ideal for beginners and you can find shacks offering lessons and gear. Rescue Beach is downwind from here and is a great beginner’s experience.

Silver Sands Beach

One local expert says that this is one of the finest kitesurfing beaches in the world. Just minutes from Inchcape, it is a mile long with onshore winds and rarely ever crowded. It is one of the safest settings imaginable with flat water in the reef and it is upwind from the three major surfing areas on the island as well as Oistins Bay and Maxwell Coast – meaning you could actually enjoy a trip downwind to these destinations!

Naturally, you will want to interact with any locals to get advice about the best spots that are not so well known, and one of the nicest places to enjoy the company of fellow kitesurfers is Surfer’s Point Beach Bar. Here you can enjoy daily happy hour drinks and fraternize with those who really understand the kitesurfing on Barbados.

Already a popular surfing destination, Barbados has quickly emerged as an ideal kitesurfing spot too. Described as the “farthest most southern, most windward of the windward islands”, it is an ideal place for a holiday. With its scenery, casual atmosphere, and upscale villas and resorts, it is that perfect balance of experiences.

If you are eager to test out the kitesurfing of Barbados during your stay, it is easy to arrange. Work with your Isle Blue concierge to decide whether you want a driver and a car, lessons and gear, or anything else to ensure you experience the water sports of Barbados. Head to nearest beach where kitesurfing is taking place, and you will definitely want to get in touch to arrange a bit for yourself!

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