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Surf Spots on Barbados
Surf Spots on Barbados

The Surf in Barbados is usually good for 8 months of the year (November – June).

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Lovely and distinct, the island of Barbados sits in an unusual location along the eastern most edge of the Caribbean region. Because of that, it offers unique coastal conditions that define the various island districts, but which also offer some amazing places to enjoy a bit of surfing. In fact, the island’s eastern coast provides some of the most spectacular waves in the region, and is why the island is called a surfer’s paradise.

As one expert surfer wrote, “Among surfers the island is renowned for the consistency of its surf in a wildly inconsistent ocean”. Essentially, this means that visitors can expect to find good conditions at almost all times, with the only “down” time being the end of March through early May.

Clients of Isle Blue can easily find accommodations just steps from the best surfing beaches, and get in touch with our representatives to discover where to obtain any gear required. Whether you want to be outfitted with a board and other gear or you want some recommendations for beaches, we are glad to give you the help needed.

When you are ready to hit the waves, we suggest the following spots, listed below. We have ranked them from the best for beginners to the beaches offering the most challenging conditions. However, keep in mind that there is an established surfing community on the island, and it can mean you will have to cooperate with the locals. Don’t worry though, the people of Barbados are some of the friendliest and most laid-back around!

Also, remember that almost all waves around the island are reef breaks, and can be shallow. The southern coastal spots are tamer areas, while eastern and northern coastal conditions can make it a more advanced surfer’s zone.

The Best Beaches for Surfing on Barbados

The ideal surfing “zone” for people of all levels will stretch from the world-famous Soup Bowl near Bathsheba (on the eastern coast) down and around to the South Point beach just west of the airport zone.

Bathsheba Beach

A must for anyone visiting the island. It takes its name from the Biblical figure of Bathsheba, who is said to have bathed in milk to retain her beauty. The waters of Bathsheba beach are rich in minerals and stirred by surf, giving them a milky look. Legend has it that the waters here have some beautifying properties in addition to being ideal for surfers. Be sure to stop at Bathsheba Park to enjoy gorgeous scenery along the beautiful Atlantic coast.

Batts Rock

A western coast location, it is considered an “all surfers” area and is often one of the few spots on the western shore with good conditions.

Freights Bay

A sheltered spot good for all surfers, it has the longest waves on the island and is ideal for the beginner

South Point

Hugely popular, and open enough to be fun even when packed, it is often called the “next best” when the Soup Bowl is out of your league or too crowded to be accessed.

Soup Bowl

The waves here break at about seven feet across a rock shelf you can see from shore. It is an expert surfing area, but you do want to pay a visit just to watch the pros at work.

There are many beaches to see on Barbados, but those along the southeastern coast are among the most dramatic and ideal for surfing. Whether you wish to explore the little villages and watch the expert surfers or you want to hit the waves yourself, you have many opportunities here. If you have questions about surfing on Barbados, give your concierge a call to discuss your options.

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