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Beachfront Vacations on Barbados
Beachfront Vacations on Barbados

Lots of Beaches to Explore

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Barbados has long reigned as one of the finest Caribbean destinations. With its excellent beaches and safe, calm waters it has become a destination for individuals, families and groups seeking a lot of fun in the sun and reliable weather. So, beachfront vacations on Barbados are a popular choice, but the question then becomes just “where” on the island is it best to enjoy your waterfront holiday?

Let’s take a moment to look at the geography of the island and understand the nature of the beaches in each of the different regions. For instance, many say that Barbados’ beaches are as unique as the island itself, and you will want to choose your beachfront location based on your needs.

In the western coastal area of the island, for instance, you can enjoy the typical, picture postcard perfect beachfront. Here you can watch the palms dance in the breeze, gaze at the sugary white sands, and listen to the waters as they just gently lap along the shore. It is here where you will find a lot of swimmers, kayakers, jet skiers, and snorkeling.

In the south, these same conditions continue, and because there are coral reefs offshore here, you see a bit more surf in the bays. With consistent winds, as well, this is a great area for testing out your surfing or boogie boarding skills. Safe conditions prevail, making it a good spot to learn these activities, including wind or kitesurfing.

The eastern coast has the windy beaches and the tough surf that can only come from the Atlantic. This is good for skilled surfers, but not for the novice. In fact, the surfing here is so good that experts travel from all over the world.

As you head up to the north coast, you reach the tall sandstone cliffs that can climb 100 feet or more. The coves tucked in the cliffs are picturesque and even workable for some beach going, but this is not the area for those who have a tropical holiday clearly in mind.

All of the island’s beaches have coral, whether you find it offshore or in the cliffs, and this makes them some of the prettiest beaches you might ever find, with the most unique sand that comes from the coral.

Staying at the Beaches

If you are planning a holiday and want to find a beachfront vacation accommodation, you will need to use the information above to choose the best spot for your needs. However, we’ll do a quick round up of the best beaches to help you choose the resort or private villa rental that best matches your personal vision of island paradise.

Silver Sands is a windsurfing paradise, and a southern coast gem. Close to a resort, it is considered a prime location and truly picturesque.

Bottom Bay beach is like something out of a postcard and features high cliffs, gorgeous white sandy beaches, and is ideal only for viewing as the waters are not so safe. If your holiday ideal is all about views and sea breezes, this is the spot.

Bath Beach is one of the island’s favourite swimming beaches, though it is along the Atlantic shore. Small waves, plenty of facilities and a lovely waterfall make it ideal as a spot to enjoy a holiday.

Other good choices for your beachfront vacation in Barbados would be properties near Dover, Folkestone, or Mullins Bay beaches too.

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