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Courchevel, France Guide
Courchevel | The Luxury Alpine Experience
Courchevel | The Luxury Alpine Experience

Overview of Courchevel, what to expect in Courchevel

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Are you interested in a visit to the “St. Tropez of winter sports”? If so, it is to the area known as Courchevel 1850 that you must turn your attention. It is, technically, part of the Three Valleys, the largest interconnected ski area in the entire world. Tucked into the French Alps, it is the end result of an unusual time in French history. During WWII the government decided to create a very opulent resort area, and Courchevel was chosen as the ideal locale.

Where to Stay in Courchevel

A visitor to Courchevel will be able to choose from four different settings when they book a vacation in this prestigious spot. Though all of the villages are charming and appealing, it is the one at the highest setting that makes it so appealing to world-class skiers, and the well-to-do. Many skiers find they are rubbing shoulders with some of the most famous people in the world, including movie stars, musical celebrities as well as political and business leaders.

This is one of the reasons that Courchevel has more than ten hotels with a five star rating. This is unprecedented in the world of hospitality, and yet it is a level of quality that the visitors to the area demand. However, there is also another way of staying on the slopes of Courchevel without being forced to choose a hotel setting. There are also private, luxury villas or “chalets” that dot the mountains, too.

Courchevel Ski Chalets

Ski chalets provide a far more opulent setting thanks to the absolute privacy they provide in addition to the options to ski directly from the front door. Of course, the choice of a villa also means the most incredible views and scenery too. Rather than a slender sliver of the sky and mountains around the area, a villa can present you with an unprecedented vista that feels as if it is truly your own.

Having a private space with great scenery and direct slope access, however, may not be enough to qualify a villa as a superior option. This is why many Courchevel villas have world class “apres ski” options, too. With indoor pools and/or steam rooms, fitness facilities, on-site staff to handle food and domestic work, high-end electronics, and more, it is impossible to view them as anything other than ideal ski retreats.

The Value of the Courchevel Experience

It is important to remember that, although Courchevel is among the finest ski areas in the world, it is not only the skiing that will make your visit unforgettable. The villages are full of fine restaurants and shops, and your living spaces should provide you with the same pleasure and enjoyment.

Whether you are an expert skier ready to enjoy some of the most challenging black runs in the world, or you are someone who wants to take in the scenery, enjoy a day or two of world class skiing, and then just explore all that the region has to offer, it can be greatly enhanced when staying in the privacy and luxury of a villa.

Additionally, large families and groups of friends traveling together will find it easier than ever to spend true quality time together in the privacy and utter comfort of a villa setting. While a luxury hotel has its definite perks, there is just as much to be said about a villa or chalet tucked into the mountains of Courchevel.




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