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Summer Activities in Courchevel
Summer Activities in Courchevel

Available summer activities

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If you have ever seen Courchevel in the snow, it may make you a bit sad to think of it without its lovely frosting of snowy white, yet it is actually a very popular summer destination too. This is because of its glorious weather, stunning scenery and long list of summer activities to enjoy. Whether you stay in a chalet or another area, you are sure to savor the many wonderful options afforded to you during a warm weather visit to Courchevel.

Le Praz

Tucked into the foot of the ski jump at Courchevel is the enormous Sports Centre. It is a remarkably modern and up to date space that includes a massive gym, a state of the art fitness center, indoor volleyball and basketball courts, indoor football, badminton and even ping pong areas, and more.

Summer guests, though, will love to visit the lake in Le Praz as well as enjoying the mountain walking trails, the kayaking and fishing on the lake, the beach volleyball, the pony rides, kite workshops, and even the bouncy castle that remains in place all summer!

Water Sports

The area is ideal for water sports with canoeing and kayaking at the top of the list. Descents are one of the most popular ways of using such boats, but you should hire a guide to ensure the safest experience. These typically include groups of four to five boats, and can be great for families.

Cycling and Mountain Biking

The Tour de France sees some of its most challenging climbs in the Courchevel area, but there are also some easier trails as well. Again, a guide can often make the difference between three to four grueling hours and an unforgettably nice ride through mountain scenery. There are many mountain biking trails suitable to all levels, and Courchevel is often cited as a “mecca” for mountain biking fans.


A fly fishing enthusiast’s dream destination, Courchevel has seven designated sites for anglers. There are six lakes and a river. You will have to get a license and declare your catches, limiting yourself to three fish in all of the lakes. Note that Merlet Superieur is a no kill area.


The Courchevel area is home to a nine-hole course at the Les Verdons area. You can play seven days per week to enjoy the non-stop scenery, and you can even hire someone to give you lessons!


Whether it is for sightseeing or experiencing your first flying lessons, Courchevel is a fantastic choice. Hot air balloon rides are popular throughout the Trois Vallees area, but especially here. The region is also home to Aero Club Courchevel, and they offer scenic flights through the mountains, even giving you control during your first flying lesson.

Nature Reserves and Parks

Courchevel is surrounded by beauty, and it is home to Vanoise National Park. The first of its kind in France, it covers a vast stretch and includes mountain ranges, lakes and more. Nearby is La Rosiere Natural Site with a lake and camping, and here you can enjoy guided walks offering a bit of insight into the flora and fauna of the entire area.


Lakes and streams are in abundance, but you can also enjoy a dip at the Aquamotion Center located between Courchevel Moriond and Courchevel Village. This is new and considered to be one of the most exciting destinations in the area.

While you can also do climbing, tennis, squash, shopping, and dining as part of your summer activities in Courchevel, the activities above are some that allow you to really enjoy the setting. Without its covering of snow, the area is still stunningly beautiful, and if you really miss the icy snows, go ahead and book a guide to take you walking on one of the nearby glaciers!




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