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Best Restaurants of Courchevel
Best Restaurants of Courchevel

Best dining options in Courchevel, Michelin star restaurant recommendations, Courchevel Restaurant Guide

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Most travel experts know that the name Courchevel means two very different things. The first thing it means is world-class, nearly incomparable skiing. The second thing it means is gastronomic delight, as it is a mountain home to more than seven Michelin starred dining establishments. Scattered among the four villages that make up the entirety of Courchevel, they are each considered “must try” stops whenever paying a visit.

Though many who book a holiday in this French Alps gem will choose a chalet with private chef, it is a very wise idea to book a table at as many of the Michelin starred properties as possible.

These include one three-starred restaurant Le 1947, the two-starred Le Chabichou, Le Kintessence, La Table du Kilimandjaro, and Pierre Gagnaire pour Les Airelles all in Courchevel 1850. There are the one starred sites also, and these include L’Azimut in Le Praz, and the Baumaniere 1850 and Hotel K2 Altitude’s restaurant (the Montgomerie) in Courchevel 1850. Le Chabauté, the bistro restaurant of Le Chabichou, is also a must-try lunch establishment.

Because of the popularity of these restaurants it is advisable to book well in advance of your stay, especially if you intend to visit during the course of any holiday. There are also many other dining establishments worthy of attention, and these include Saulire in Courchevel 1850, offering an amazing cellar and unique menu of French classics, Le Genepi in Courchevel 1850 which offers true Savoyard cuisine, and La Cendree which is noted for its innovative approach to iconic Italian dishes.

Japanese restaurants are popular in the region, and some of the very best and most frequently recommended include Koori or Le Bisan, both in Courchevel 1850.

Regional Classics

While it is easy to understand that Michelin starred restaurants should rank at the top of your list of spots to dine out, don’t overlook the unique opportunity that Courchevel dining presents to those eager to try true Savoyard and Alpine cuisine. For example, La Fromagerie in Courchevel 1850 is nearly legendary for serving up local dishes. Do not miss Le Caveau restaurant in Courchevel Village (1550) for local cheese delights and the warm atmosphere. There are also crepes to consider, and the Titine et Lilou creperie in Courchevel Moriond is a local favorite.

If you would savor the cheese-heavy dishes so popular in Savoyard cooking, try another Courchevel Moriond favorite, Le Petit Savoyard. Emphasizing a cozy atmosphere is a popular dinner spot. There is also L’Oeil de Boeuf located in Courchevel Village. Here, you can choose from savoring meat dishes made exclusively from the freshest local goods and ingredients.

With more than 25 restaurants in Courchevel 1850, eight in Moriond, six in the village and another ten in Le Praz, you could easily dedicate an entire visit to sampling the delicious fare made available. Keep in mind that you also get to select from the basic brasserie and bistro to snack stops, pizzerias, and creperies. There are non-starred gourmet destinations, Savoyard restaurants and much more.

The point is to be sure you identify at least one spot to try at each of the four villages. Most of the Michelin starred sites are at the top, but as we have noted, there are just as many, reaching all the way down to Le Praz. Remember too that anyone booked into a chalet with a chef may also discuss or arrange specific dishes that are classics to the region, and even inquire about in-chalet classes to show you just how to make these favorites when you return home.

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