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Best Foodie Options in Barbados
Best Foodie Options in Barbados

Local Food and Eateries in Barbados

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Updated 10 June 2023

With its premium resorts and its lovely towns, Barbados has something for everyone. Of course, this applies to food, as well, and whether you are someone who enjoys cheap eats and street food, a stop at a lovely café or coffee shop, or fine dining in Zagat noted restaurants, you can find a lot of foodie destinations throughout Barbados.

Of course, before any foodie sets their sights on the Barbadian restaurants, it is important to know what foods and flavors are considered “must try” options while on the island. This will ensure you taste those essential dishes and recognize them when served in any sort of setting.

One of the most important is cou cou, the national dish, which is made using flying fish and a cornmeal-like staple that arrives with okra and often drenched in a special gravy. Flying fish is as it sounds, and is the famed flying fish cooked in typical Bajan seasoning and either fried in batter or steamed and served with onions and tomatoes. Other dishes to expect are salt bread, rice and peas, fish cakes, pudding and souse (which is a sweet potato and sausage dish), conkies (a banana leaves stuffed with a sweet filling), breadfruit prepared in many ways, and rum punch. You will also see Bajan sweet cakes, sweet bread, pepper-pot, and jug-jug (similar to Scottish haggis).

Almost any of these items may appear in fine dining establishments or beach shacks. And with mention of a shack, it’s time to begin looking at some of those must-savor dining destinations on the island.

Cuz’s Fish Shack

Long known as the place for the freshest fish, it is located in Bridgetown and offers a perfect spot for lunch. The fish sandwich is frequently cited as the best on the island, and comes with a fried egg, cheese and salad all loaded on a bun. You can also get the fish cooked to order and choose from dorado, marlin or the classic flying fish.


This is noted as one of the best restaurants in Barbados and is in a quiet spot on the South Coast Road. It features amazing views over popular Accra Beach and the menu emphasizes the freshest catches of the day. There are also vegetarian and land-based dishes, and a famous wine list along with signature cocktails.

Brown Sugar

If you want elegant and yet casual cuisine, this is the spot. It is noted for its amazing buffets, but it also has multi-course meals that are packed with Bajan classics. This is the place to try fish cakes, cou cou and all of the rest. Save room for dessert, because this restaurant is famous for its over the top homemade sweets.


This is a sushi restaurant and bistro. It is an award winning establishment in Holetown and provides visitors with Caribbean and Asian fusion dishes. Choose to dine upstairs and watch the sushi chefs at work, head to the lower dining room for a low-key atmosphere or sit outdoors in the courtyard. There are also seating options in the lounge and the bar, and the full menu is available throughout the property.


Long viewed as the best fine dining establishment on the island, it is in Holetown with a waterfront location. It also has multiple dining rooms, as well as a garden gazebo. The menu has something for all, but the emphasis here is on premium preparation, world-class ingredients, and options from an impressive wine list.

Don’t forget to try famous spots like Daphne’s, The Cliff, Oistin’s Fish Fry, Waterside, Pisces, The Fish Pot, and Cin Cin, too.

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