Hiking in Nevis

Getting to the top of Nevis’ highest mountain is tough, muddy fun !

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Last updated : 20 July 2023

There are numerous hiking trails in Nevis, and visitors can choose to wander alone or with the assistance of a guide. The scenery is breathtaking, and there’s a good chance of spotting local wildlife (perhaps a chatty monkey!). Domesticated livestock is also prevalent, and there’s a good possibility that you’ll encounter a gentle sheep or friendly goat.

Nevis Peak

One of the most popular hiking destinations is Nevis Peak, which is a snow-covered mountain, located in the heart of St. Kitts in the West Indies. It’s the highest point in the area, and depending on your fitness level, you might find it to be an easy climb, or you might feel that you’re expending a fair bit of effort. Nevis Peak can present challenges, although it can still be climbed by novices.

If you plan to hike up Nevis Peak, you should expect that you’re going to get a strenuous workout, and you should ideally plan to do it under the guidance of a professional who’s done it a few times before. Your hard work will pay off, though, with your journey through the glorious vegetation of a tropical rain forest with deep ravines and amazing waterfalls. You’ll will see some impressive historical estates as you make your trek through one of the last primitive rain forests. You’ll also pass through charming villages and pastures on your journey, which culminates in the magnificent ruins at the very top of the mountain.

A hike up Nevis is challenging, but not difficult in the way that, say, a hike up Everest would be. Even a novice climber can manage Nevis, reach the summit and enjoy the view from the top. If you have a fair bit of experience with hiking mountains, you can make the trip without a guide, and you should expect to complete the journey up in about an hour and a half. Coming down will take about the same amount of time. This isn’t what you would call technical climbing, but the terrain is very steep, often slippery and can also be a bit treacherous in places.

For hiking in Nevis, make sure to bring a pair of gloves, because you’re going to need to grab onto ropes or vines to maintain your footing – the entire trail is covered in jungle growth.


To get to the Nevis Peak hiking trail, go north on the island’s Ring Road, and then take a left at the Gingerland police station. You’ll see small signs directing you upward to Peak Heaven (which has long since closed), and you’ll travel up a single lane concrete road that eventually gives way to a dirt road. Then you’ll pass through a black gate and enter a parking area where the trail begins.

Go for It!

Climbing Nevis is an unparalleled experience, as you hike through pastures and villages, finally reaching the beautiful ruins at the top of the mountain. It’s a strenuous climb, but as previously mentioned, it’s doable by a novice although it’s recommended that if you don’t have a lot of experience in mountain hiking, you should hire a guide.

Once you reach the summit of Nevis Peak, you’ll see broad vistas the like of which you’ve never seen before. If you want to experience the heights and the lows, the ups and the downs, and see things in ways that you could never have imagined, then this is how it’s done. Hike the grassy pastures, traverse the rock walls, explore the majestic ruins, and steep yourself in the mountainous terrain of Nevis. It’s simply how it’s done.

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