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A Year of Barbados Events
A Year of Barbados Events

Key Events to Enjoy in Barbados

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When do you plan to visit Barbados? If you are aiming to schedule a visit during a special or annual event, you are in luck because this charming and beautiful island has some of the most colorful and exciting events occurring almost every month of the year. To prove that anytime is a fun and exciting time to visit Barbados, we’ll look at many of its major events, but before we do, let’s just consider the main reason to visit.

What is that? Apart from its beauty and the friendliness of the island’s residents, it is also noted as the most luxurious of all Caribbean destinations. This means you can easily find a premium accommodation in a private villa or another upscale setting, and then head out to enjoy all that the island offers.

While many areas of the world celebrate Carnival in the weeks leading up to Lent, Barbados has its own take on the Carnival concept with its Crop Over Festival held every August to mark the end of the sugar cane harvest. It is a five-week festival culminating with a grand celebration that has all of the looks of a classic Carnival event known as the Kadooment parade. The market in Bridgetown becomes a massive street party full of delicious foods, loads of calypso music and more.

Holetown Festival

This annual event marks the arrival of the island’s first settlers in the 1600s, and it is a weeklong event every February. It features all kinds of entertainment, music and several parades. There are special sporting events, classic car shows, and a fantastic arts and crafts exhibition. It is the perfect opportunity to purchase locally made goods, taste authentic foods and really immerse yourself in the local culture.

Oistins Festival

Also called the Oistins Fish Fry, it celebrates the fish industry that has given the island such a robust economy. Events range from fish boning competitions, art shows and a seemingly endless array of food-focused activities. The Fish Fry is the main event and is attended by thousands every year. It takes place over Easter weekend and is an excellent way to savor island specialties, buy locally made rum and crafts, and experience a broad range of island music.

Oistins Fish Fry Barbados | island activities

Jazz Festival

Every January, the island is home to its very own Barbados Jazz Festival that features a delicate balance of local favorites and internationally known musical acts.

Holders Season

Described as a boutique event, it is known as the premier cultural event in the entire Caribbean region. It occurs at Holders House, a historic 1600s home, and includes performances by musical celebrities and dramatic performers, too. It occurs every March or April.


If you are eager to learn about the agricultural industry of Barbados, this is the festival to attend. It is the largest of its kind on the island and is held each February. A three-day celebration, it features all sorts of activities, flower shows, animal displays and is a fantastic event for kids and families.

Celtic Festival

As peculiar as that may sound, the month of May is when the Barbados Celtic Festival occurs. This sees an influx of people from Ireland and Scotland who come to experience a unique blend of African and Celtic cultures during this weeklong event. There are performances, special foods and activities scheduled around this annual event that takes place each May.

Any of these events would be an ideal reason to pay a visit to Barbados. Whether you are a fan of food, music, history or culture, each of these events offers it all. Be sure to plan your visit alongside one of the island’s major events to add an element of fun and excitement to your luxurious getaway.

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